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Invisalign in Llanelli case study.

Invisalign in Llanelli case study

An Invisalign in Llanelli case study before and after photo

Have you ever looked at your teeth and thought I would like them to be straighter? But I really don’t want to have metal braces for years like teenagers have to. Well, you no longer have to! So take a look at this Invisalign in Llanelli case study so you can see what we mean.

Clear braces

Our Invisalign Llanelli team offers a treatment that allows you to straighten your teeth in a discreet fashion. Which leaves you with a straighter more confident smile without all the train tracks.

Case study

The above patient was unhappy with the appearance of her teeth. So we used our in-house scanner to generate a 3D version of her teeth and show her the predicted end result!

How long will it take?

The average treatment time is approximately 20 weeks but this differs on a case-by-case basis. The nearly invisible trays need to be worn for 22 hours a day to allow the teeth to move. But we’ll think you’ll agree from looking at this Invisalign in Llanelli case study that the results are well worth the effort. So the best way to find out is to search for Invisalign Dentists near me and we’ll likely show up. Then just give our practice a ring and we’ll get you booked in for an appointment.

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