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Dental Implants Llanelli

Lost a tooth or are facing losing teeth and don’t fancy having a denture? Then our dental implants Llanelli team could be the solution for you.

Dental implants are extremely versatile and come in a variety of options, from single-tooth implants to full mouth. Dental implants can significantly improve your way of life and give you confidence in your smile. They are the next best thing to natural teeth.

Dental implants are highly successful and can last decades if well maintained.

One of the benefits of implants is that they are a stand-alone restoration. Dental implants do not require cutting into any of the adjacent teeth as bridgework does. This means that your healthy teeth remain unharmed by the process.

One implant doesn’t necessarily mean the replacement of just one tooth. As one implant can hold approximately 2-3 teeth and the more implants you require; the more cost-effective it is.

If you have a full set of dentures and are finding them difficult then implant-retained dentures may be just what you need. Then these dentures use implants to clip in and out of your mouth. So this means no more fixative, no more worrying about them dropping while you are talking and no more pain or rubbing whilst eating.

Another benefit is that because they act as a false root; if taken care of they reduce the risk of bone loss.

They are easy to clean and maintain as you just treat them like your normal teeth and they will function just like your other teeth. Also, regular visits to your Dentist and Hygienist will help to prolong the life of your implants.

What are dental implants?

​Dental implants are titanium screws that are placed into the jawbone. Then the implants act as a root substitute that is used to support crowns, bridges and dentures. Dental implants in Llanelli are very popular and are considered to be the next best thing to having your natural teeth.

It is a surgical procedure with different stages and takes several months to complete.

Why are they used?

They are a more permanent solution to filling a gap.

They can be used for a single tooth replacement or several. You can even have dentures that are held in place by implants.

Can anybody have implants?

There are certain conditions as to whether or not you can have implants. As they can fail (although this is extremely rare) and you still have to care for them as you would your natural teeth.

You would be unable to have implants if you do not have enough bone to support them.

Also, certain factors such as gum disease or smoking will put you at risk of implant failure. Therefore you may not be able to have the procedure.

Photo of teeth before the dental implants Llanelli team have provided their treatment
Photo of teeth after the dental implants Llanelli team has provided their treatment
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Book in for your dental implants Llanelli appointment

Are you ready to restore confidence in your smile and would like to know more about this procedure? Then please give us a ring and ask to book a consultation appointment with our dental implants Llanelli specialist, Dr Cerith Lloyd.

​During the consultation, you will be examined to determine whether or not you are suitable for the procedure. You will also have a 3D scan taken of your jawbone to check the bone and to determine whether other procedures are needed before placement such as sinus lifts. Then you will be advised on which type of restoration would be best for you and an estimated cost. From there, you will receive information leaflets on the brand of implants that we use. Also, we will provide you with as much information on the procedure as possible. Now it will be your chance to ask questions and gain enough information to decide whether implants are right for you. So what are you waiting for? Google ‘Implant Dentist near me‘ today and speak to the team at Murray Street.