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Root Canal Treatment and Extractions Llanelli

At our dental practice, we are pleased to offer some of the best root canal treatment in Llanelli. Also if RCT isn’t an option then we have a fantastic surgical team who can take care of the extraction if it needs to come to that.

Root canal treatment (also known as endodontic treatment) is used to help preserve teeth that might otherwise be lost.

What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment removes infected pulp (the “nerve” of the tooth). Then we clean the tooth to ensure the infection is removed. The space is then filled with a rubber material to prevent re-infection. If root canal treatment isn’t an option then the alternative is extraction.

Why would I need root canal treatment?

You may need it if there is an infection or if you have severe pain in your tooth or if the blood/nerve supply is affected. In the early stages of an infection, there may not be a pain but your tooth may appear darker. This is another indication that the nerve has been damaged. Also, remember that if your tooth is cracked, there is a lot of decay present, you have had a previous injury to your tooth or if you have large fillings then your chances of infection to the nerve are increased. Once the inflammation has settled the pulp will die. But the underlying infection will not go away on its own so it’s important to see your Dentist.

Dental tools laid out before root canal treatment
Dentist in the mouth of a patient
Photo of a Dentist using a polisher after a root canal treatment
Inside the drawer that is filled with extraction forceps

Is root canal treatment painful?

This is the most common thing patients ask! So, during root canal treatment you may experience some tenderness in your jaw from keeping it open during treatment. Also over the next few days and in between appointments you may have some tenderness in your tooth. However, this is normal and can be managed easily with over-the-counter pain relief.


We will always do our very best to save your natural teeth. However, if a tooth is too badly broken down it may not be able to be saved and extraction may be the only option. Our team of caring dentists in Llanelli will put you at ease throughout the procedure. So rest assured you are in good hands!