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Dental Dentures Llanelli

A woman's teeth before a dental denture has been fitted by our Llanelli Dentist
A woman's teeth after a dental denture has been fitted by our Llanelli Dentist

Some common questions about dental dentures?

What are dental dentures?

Sometimes known as plates, dentures are a removable alternative to your natural teeth. They are usually made when all other forms of permanent restorations have failed. Our dental dentures Llanelli team also use them during the healing period after having implants placed.

How many teeth can you put on the denture?

​Dentures can be made with one tooth or with all the teeth if needed. They come in different shapes, sizes and materials to suit you. However, they should never be thought of as an alternative to your natural teeth. As no denture will ever be as good as your natural teeth.

How long will they last?

They should be replaced roughly every 5 to 8 years, or when they become poor fitting. This is because, over time, your mouth changes shape and the dentures start to become loose. So if you don’t change your dentures for a long time, then you will find it much more difficult to adapt to a new set.

What is the process?

Dentures are made in laboratories and take several appointments to be completed. Our dental practice in Llanelli works with local laboratories to reduce the amount of time between appointments. Also, some emergency treatments such as adding teeth to dentures can be done on the same day.