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Dental Check Ups Llanelli

Why do I need a dental check up?

Regular dental check ups in Llanelli are an essential part of maintaining a healthy smile. This is because prevention is always better than cure. So having regular check ups can help spot any future potential problems early. Then this helps to minimise the need for treatment further down the line. How often you need check-ups can vary depending on numerous factors. Together with your Dentist in Llanelli, you can determine a schedule based on your individual needs.

What does a dental check up involve?

Visiting a Dentist can be a scary time for many patients. But here at Murray Street Dental, your Dentist will take their time to put you at your ease. A complete medical history will be taken to ensure we can carry out any treatment required safely and effectively. So please bring an up-to-date list of your medications with you. Your Dentist will take a dental health history to help us understand past treatments and any concerns you may have. A thorough check of your mouth will then be carried out including soft tissues, gums and teeth.

What are we looking for?

A photo of the OPT Machine in Murray Street that they use for dental check ups in Llanelli

Tooth decay

Checking all surfaces of your teeth at regular dental check ups can help us spot tooth decay early. We can also identify areas that may be more prone to tooth decay due to their position or shape of the teeth and keep watches on these areas over regular check ups.

Gum health

Maintaining healthy gums is essential for prolonging the life of your teeth. We measure the health of your gums at each appointment and look at ways we can improve your gum health in conjunction with your dental hygienist. Bacteria involved in gum disease have been linked to heart disease and strokes proving the link between dental and overall health.

Oral hygiene

By identifying areas of your mouth more prone to gum disease and tooth decay your Dentist can help you modify your oral health routine to target these areas. Together with the hygienist, you can tailor an oral hygiene routine to suit you and your mouth.

Oral cancer checks

Another benefit of regular check ups is that you are also receiving an oral cancer screen at your check ups. So by seeing a Dentist regularly they can check your soft tissues for any new lumps and bumps and help keep an eye on them for you. If you have any worries your Dentist can check these areas for you and refer you to a specialist if necessary. Remember, smoking and heavy alcohol consumption can increase your risk of developing oral cancer. Your Dentist can provide you with help and support from the appropriate services to help you quit smoking and reduce your alcohol intake.

One last point about getting regular dental check ups

After a thorough check of your mouth, your Dentist may also take some x-rays of your mouth. These allow us to see what is happening below the surface of the gums. So we can see the bone levels and identify any areas of decay early. Then we can detect potential future problems and deal with them early to try and help prevent more complex treatment down the line.​