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Dental crowns in Llanelli case study.

Dental crowns in Llanelli case study

Before and after photo of a dental crown case study treatment that happened at our Dentist in Llanelli

This patient arrived at the surgery unhappy with the appearance of her smile. She didn’t like the chipped, worn front teeth and was looking for a smile makeover. Well, she came to the right place! After a thorough examination and radiographs, the different treatment options were discussed with this patient and a treatment plan was decided. So read below for more info on these dental crowns in Llanelli treatment.

How many dental crowns did she need?

The patient was to have 10 porcelain crowns placed on her upper teeth. This was to transform them and widen her smile and make it more even.

The first appointment

At the initial appointment in our private dental practice in Llanelli, the teeth were prepared and a scan was taken of the teeth. The scan allows us to create a computer-generated 3D model of the prepared teeth. Which is sent over to a laboratory so the crowns can be constructed in fine detail to match the existing shade and contours of the teeth.

After the scan

The patient is then provided with temporary crowns for 2 weeks while her new smile is being made.

Final touches on the dental crowns

At the following appointment, the patient returns and the new dental crowns in Llanelli are tried on. Then the Dentist checks they fit well and look good. Then once both the patient and Dentist are happy they are cemented onto the teeth.

TADA – a smile makeover is born!

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