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What can and can’t Invisalign in Llanelli do? (part 1)

What can and can’t Invisalign in Llanelli do? (part 1)

A close-up of lovely straight teeth after Invisalign and whitening treatment in Llanelli

The popular orthodontic procedure Invisalign commonly referred to as “invisible braces,” may easily and discreetly straighten teeth, offering an alternative to the more conventional metal braces. Even though Invisalign in Llanelli has been around for a while, patients usually have a lot of frequently asked questions (FAQs) concerning the procedure.

There are many unanswered issues about what Invisalign can and cannot do, as with other innovative therapies. To respond to these inquiries, we have put up an Invisalign FAQ blog post but we also have an Invisalign FAQ section on our site.

Commonly asked questions regarding gaps and crowding with Invisalign

A fantastic option to straighten teeth without having to deal with the agony of wire tightening, elastic bands, and the resulting cosmetic alteration is Invisalign. This is because it’s a more comfortable, discrete substitute for conventional braces with several advantages.

We have a plethora of knowledge to provide. Whether you are still debating between braces and Invisalign or have already made up your mind.

People usually inquire about gaps and crowding about Invisalign and how it differs from conventional braces. What Invisalign can and cannot accomplish in terms of shifting teeth is explained here.

Can your jawline be moved or altered with a Llanelli Invisalign provider?

Depending on how much your jaw has to be modified, Invisalign may be able to shift your jawline. But before beginning any therapy, your Dentist may wish to realign your jaw.

Nevertheless, rubber bands and attachments may be used together with your Invisalign treatment to assist move your teeth and jaw into the right alignment, guaranteeing a healthy bite.

Can Invisalign fix crowding?

Dentists may treat crowding using Invisalign. A cleft in the lip or palate, early loss of baby teeth, unusually shaped teeth, and other conditions may all lead to crowding of the teeth. But, by applying consistent, mild pressure to realign the teeth, Invisalign may fix these issues.

Very packed teeth could need further care, such as the extraction of troublesome teeth. By shifting each tooth up 0.2mm with each new aligner, Invisalign may help straighten crowded teeth. And therefore provide more space in your mouth as your teeth align properly.

Can Invisalign in Llanelli close gaps?

Gaps, which are bare areas between two or more teeth, may be closed using Invisalign treatment. The reason you want to close gaps in your teeth is that food may become trapped between your teeth. This may perhaps trigger gum disease.

One of the fastest ways to close gaps in your teeth is with Invisalign. Although each person’s experience will be different. But as a rule of thumb, each pair of aligners you get from Invisalign adjusts your teeth by around 0.2mm.

To stop gaps from reopening, aligners must be worn for a while following treatment in severe situations.

Can Invisalign move molars?

Molars may be moved with Invisalign, which can be painful and difficult to correct even with conventional braces.

Molars may be moved or straightened with Invisalign just like other teeth. But the amount of time needed will depend on how severe the case is. To detect any movement in molars, it may take numerous trays.

Can Invisalign services correct your bite?

Invisalign and braces are often used to correct bad bites. This is because a bad bite may lead to several problems including gum and tooth damage, altered look, and chewing discomfort. But your bite may be corrected using Invisalign which is also known as clear braces.

What can you do to smile with greater confidence?

Make an appointment with our Invisalign Dentists in Llanelli as soon as possible to start on the path to a more self-assured grin. You can call us at 01554 774768 to make an appointment and learn more about our cosmetic dentistry alternatives. Or if you want to read more on your own time then take a look at our blog post on what Invisalign can and can’t do ‘part 2’.

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